Thursday, May 17, 2012

35 mm

Finally my SC package arrived! It felt like forever this time. City of lights went into a coma a few days earlier. That happens to me after working with a kit for a long while. I can't call it killed because there are still lots of stuff in there I like, but I can't make anything more with it at the time.

It's funny how a new kit just jumpstarts my creativity! When I unpack the box I always put the shop items away. Then I lay the main and add-ons out on my table. I always keep the seperate kits apart. Only when the new kit arrives do I mix them up when putting everything in a crop bag to put it away.

This time I got add-ons 1 (Leica) and 3 (Holga). At this time I sometimes think to myself "And where do I start?". My solution is to put part of it away. Limiting the products I have to work with usually helps. I have a drawer in my desk that precisely fits 12x12 papers. That is where I keep the current kit.

I really loved Leica so that's what I kept up on my desk. I quickly put this together:

I finished it this morning:



  1. New kits always jump my creativity too!

  2. fantastic page, love your misting and clustering!

  3. that is a great page! I am madly in love with Holga and it's nearly gone!!! :)