Friday, February 10, 2012

Loving winter

This is how it looked walking to preschool this morning -15 C/ 5 F. Sunrise. Beautiful!

I love Friday mornings because my classes don't start until 1 PM. I still have work to do but we're never in a hurry. Today my son was home sick with his dad, so it was just me and my daughter(2 y.o). We walked and talked, and I realized we never do that. I hardly ever get to spend time with her alone. Need to start doing that! We looked at the birds, the yellow snow (and she learned what that is...) and tried to reach the lampposts, which she thought was hilarious. This is a little conversation we had:
She: Daddy loves me.
Me: Yes, he does.
She: Mommy loves me.
Me: Yes, I do. Very much!
She: Daddy plays with me. Aeroplane.

Aww, she's so sweet. She has much more thoughts in her head than I ever knew. I want to hear more!


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  1. how sweet! i just treasure those little conversations with my kids :)