Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorting things out!

Here's how I continued my unpacking of the SC box. And yes, I AM an "ordningsdjävul" - a devil of order :D I like to keep things color coordinated and in piles of logic. I also find that kits in general does wonders for my creativity. I think it is having only so many products to choose from, rather than the infinite numbers of products in my drawers. Here's my embellishments pile:
And here are all the patterned papers laid out in a rainbow. And yes, I have cheated a little. I already owned some of the pp that was in the other add-ons that I didn't buy, so I laid those out as well.

And here are the papers I will use as the base of my layouts. I count nine of those, so I guess I will make 9 layouts from the SC kit this month.
This is a picture of all of the piles together. And no, I'm not this lucky! This isn't my scrap table. It's our dining room table. I guess we'll be eating in the kitchen for a while ;)
Closest to the camera are my photo envelope and my sketch book. Our new PC is arriving this afternoon. I'm hoping they've been able to make that back-up of all the files from our old PC that crashed last sunday.
Happy scrapping! /Magdalena

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