Monday, April 30, 2018


The Swedish postal service is driving me crazy right now. Customs has a new directive to crash down on international imports, which I don't have a problem with. What I do have a problem with is how incredibly late all my Studio Calico packages arrive because of it. I've been a subber for seven years without any issue, and within the new year not a single package has arrived on time. What used to take 10 days tops now takes at least a month and a half. Since the kits are month specific this is really annoying. Paying for faster shipping has not helped since the package still has to go through customs. 

Anyways, this means I'll be late sharing my pocket pages. Here are the end of March now!

I had totally missed that Stephen King had put out this crime novel in 2016. Unlike his other books it's short and to the point. He still manages to draw loveable characters and to wrap up the story nicely. Joyland is a murder mystery centered around an amusement park in the early seventies. I highly recommend this book!

We had a small and quiet family Easter at home this year. I love Swedish Easter food! Lots of eggs and seafood, so good. Especially sill, pickled herring, is a huge favorite of mine.

One of my tricks for making faster pocket pages is writing my journaling while I edit my photos. I'll either find white space in the photo or I'll crop the photo and layer it over an empty canvas in PSE. I don't use a template for this, I just crop the photo to a 2,4" square. The empty canvas is sized to 2,8 x 4 inches. When printing I layer two 2,8" wide photos on a 4x6" canvas and print with white edges. I then cut the photos just below 3" wide to make them fit perfectly into the pockets.

I use the same fonts when writing, throughout my albums, because I like the continuity. For titles I use Arial in caps, and for the journaling I use Gabriola. I love the contrast between the two fonts.The only exception is when I use my typewriter, as seen on the watercolor card in the top page. 

Tomorrow I'll share my April pages and also write a bit about how I photograph my pocket pages and edit them for online posting.



  1. Nice pages! Looking forward to your photography tips... that's the most difficult part for me!

  2. Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment. I hope you'll find the page photography tips helpful!