Sunday, June 25, 2017


We're finally on summer break here in Sweden. Last day of school for the kids was on June 8th. I worked for another week and now we're off for eight weeks. Summer so far has been wonderful. Some warm and sunny days, and a bit of rain in between. 

Before I post the pages of week 23 I have to start out by saying I love love loooove the Been & Gone documenter kit from Studio Calico. When I recieve my documenter kit I always start by sorting the cards by color, and most months that can be up to eight piles. I find it hard to work with that many different colors, especially when sometimes one pile consists of one or two cards. There are scrapbookers who brilliantly mix colors on their pocket pages and make them look cohesive, but that's not me. I prefer to be working with one or two colors mixed with black and white. For the month of June the whole kit sorted into only four piles! The Been & Gone kit is super easy to work with. I think it may just be my favorite documenter kit ever. 

For the first page I focused on green and peachy pink. Tina Aszmus' addon card set "Underwater" mixes perfectly with the main kit, and I've been using it through out as well.  The middle photos are taken by my husband after the last day of school ceremony. I didn't add any extra journaling because I've also made a layout about the end of school using these photots. I won't be sharing the layout with you, because it's part of one of the lessons for my new Big Picture Classes class "Old and new" that will be going up later this summer.

The stamp set for the June kit is amazing too, not just the color scheme. It has both phrases and a pattern building set. I've been using the kit stamps a lot more than I usually do.

On Saturday the kids took part in the childrens' obstacle course event. It's 1,2 km obstacle course that ends with a gauntlet where they face the real tv-show gladiators. (That's Dante getting caught by Hero in the mid left photo.) The event raises money for childrens' cancer research. I picked out the blue and pink cards that matched the hat Nea was wearing. The field notes template is from the Tour Guide set by Paislee Press.

The blue and pink theme continues for the last page of week 23. As you can see I've been using that small stamp booklet like crazy! I hope we'll be getting a similar item in a different color scheme in the future. I loved stapling on these colorful bits of paper, and that some of them were big enough to add some journaling to. 

I had a whole series of photos from Nea bouncing this ball on her racket and acting silly. I kept taking photos until I got that wonderful laugh at the end. She's such a goofball!

I've had a hard time getting the chipboard asterisks from the backing without ruining them. I really wish there was a better way to package them. I love that they have adhesive backing but I always manage to pull the bottom part off and having to use glue to attach them anyway. Have you figured out any tricks for getting the whole chipboard shape out of the packaging please share!

I'll be sharing the pages for week 24 tomorrow, so come back then!