Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I've seen several discussions in online forums whether people do both a December Daily album and make Project Life documenting for December. What is your take on this? Do you do both, or just one? Which one?

I did both in 2015 and 2016. To me DD and PL have different story purposes. DD to me is a way to tell the stories of past Decembers, of family traditions and gettogethers. In PL I tell the story of everyday life, which happens in December as well as the rest of the year. 

Throughout the month I used digitals from Paislee Press (Mini Album kit, Merrier Word Art and a bunch of Pocket Guide templates) and One Little Bird (Wonder Journaling Cards). I also used Studio Calico's documenter kits Sonnet and Cypress Hill and dug into my stash of Christmasy papers and embellishments. Don't you love finding uses for older items?

Don't you love our Christmas outfits below? We went all out at work when the student council at our school announced the last Friday of the semester would be winter themed dressup day. I found my Snowwoman outfit at this place. They have so many fun costumes at a full range of prices. 

Me and hubs bought each other the same t-shirt for Christmas. Hilarious!

In every documenter kit I get one or more items that I'm not fond of. In this case it was the label transparencies. I usually make myself try to use the items anyway. I found that if I stapled the seethrough labels over printed journaling they looked like regular labels. It's still not a product I would purchase on it's own, but I enjoy the challenge of making things work for me.

Our son Dante is super duper crazy about babies, so when his baby cousin comes for a visit he's in heaven. Here he got to carry her for the first time and he was so proud! (Baby's face covered for privacy.)

And that is all for December. Right now I'm wrapping up our January pages. I'll be sharing them here tomorrow!



  1. I enjoyed your post. I also create a DD and PL for the month of December. My DD albums are stored away until the holiday returns but my PL album is out all year long and besides the PL album would seem incomplete to me if December wasn't included.