Thursday, January 5, 2017


Finishing up the last pages of my album took a little longer than planned since I'm finishing up the last bits of my third BPC class at the same time. More news on that later on!

I wasn't sure what date I was stopping at, but now I've decided that the 24th will be the last day of the 2016 album. Christmas Eve is the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden and I have eight pages for that day alone. I'm hoping to have them up on the blog tomorrow. Today I'll be sharing days 19 to 23. 

My little niece's face is hearted for privacy. Because of bad lighting (Sweden in December!) all photos were grainy. I minimized the graininess by using a template from Paislee Press for several smaller images, and also turning all the photos B&W.

For day twenty I used this fun playlist printable from One Little Bird. There is lots of grain in this photo too, but I left it as is because Nea's Christmas shirt didn't look nearly as fun in B&W! 

 This page is really one of those untold story pages that I aimed to create with the 2016 December Daily album. I've enjoyed focusing on stories rather than happenings on specific dates. It's been so much easier putting this album together, and really much more fun. Here's a photo of me in front of the tree in our livingroom. I'm not sure exactly what year it is, but I look about 4 years old, so I'm guessing 1976. I've written down the story of how we celebrated Christmas when I was little. I was an only child (up until the age of 10), and so were both of my parents, so it was always just me, my parents and both of my grandmas. Both grandfathers passed away before I was born. I always wished for an older brother but they never got me one! Both pocket cards are printables from One Little Bird.

Here is another Paislee Press template that originally was titled "Holiday traditions", but I took the "Christmas" from another template in the same kit and just wrote decorations underneath. These are some of the handmade decorations we've had around the house this year and in case they don't make it into the future I wanted them documented.

Day 23 is a super quick page. Just a large photo with a journaling tag attached. The "Hello Santa" circle is from an Ali Edwards Holiday word art set.

And that's it for today! I still have the intro pages and Day 24 to finish and share. I'll be so happy to be done with this project and to move to documenting the new year. Happy New Year everyone!


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