Sunday, June 5, 2016


It's June and summer is finally here! Only two more days of school for the kids, and six more days of work for me, then eight long weeks of summer lazyness. I can't wait! We have a trip to Legoland in Denmark planned and the rest of our summer activities will be spontaneous. 

Our daughter recently signed up for soccer practice, and that inspired the journaling of the layout above. The Swedish word "Hopp" means both jump and hope, and I wrote all about my hopes for her not to have to suffer through sports and gymnastics like I did in school. I was so tiny as a child, short and skinny, and that is rarely an advantage in sports. I was I ran the slowest, jumped the lowest and couldn't catch a ball to save my life. My fine motor skills have always been top notch but my grand motor skills are lousy. I'm so happy that isn't the case for my daughter. 

I used the bouncing balls as a guide to place my punched circles at the bottom of the journaling page, and then added a heart sticker under the title. Since my photo paper is A4 size and not letter size I needed a strip of paper to fill it out. Some gold star sequins finishes the layout. 

Today I'm also sharing a sneak for the Kellie Stamps June release: