Sunday, March 8, 2015


We've had all kinds of sick in our house for the past three weeks. This has been our life since mid-februari:
  • Son with burst ear drum, antibiotics treatment 1
  • Daughter with stomach flu
  • Son with stomach flu
  • Daughter with burst ear drum, antibiotics treatment 2
  • Me with stomach flu
  • Husband with fever and head ache
  • Daughter with a second burst ear drum, antibiotics treatment 3
It's enough now, germs! And enough with the shouting because the kids can't hear. Enough emptying buckets of eeew. Enough costly sick days. 

I'm happy to see spring is on it's way. The snow is almost all gone, and a few spring flowers are peeking through the dirt. Today was sunny and warm, 10 C, but quite windy. Me and my daughter did some shopping to send happy mail to five friends in different five countries. I won't say where or to whom because I want it to be a surprise.

I have a lot going on right now. I'm on my seventh book this year. I will have an update on my 2015 Reading Challenge tomorrow right here on the blog. I'll post reviews and a few book tips and a bit about my future reading plans. 

My PL is coming along nicely. I have one more page to end February. Stop by on Tuesday for a PL update!

Also it's time for a Capsule Wardrobe exchange. Out goes winter, in comes spring! I'm bringing in the box from storage to switch a few items, plus going shopping for a few new pieces tomorrow. If I find everything I need I will have my Spring Capsule Wardrobe ready for posting by next Sunday.

I've been going through the pins on my Capsule Wardrobe Spring board on Pinterest, and I have decided to look for these pieces: 


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  1. It seems that you had quite a handful that month. It’s great that everything seems to have settled down afterwards, and that you guys were not getting sick one after the other, especially the kids. I hope that was the case these past few months. Take care!

    Angela Gibbs @ MedCare Pediatric