Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Is what I do when I don't know what else to do design wise. Because a grid aaaaalways works.

Two-square grid:

For me a page without a living thing is too boring. So for this autumn quote page I added this photo I took of a Mourning Cloak butterfly I found inside a hollow branch. Isn't it beautiful? I used gold ink on the veneer heart and then I wanted to sew the twine into golden rays coming out of the heart. I later noticed it looks more like a spider. But hey, it goes with the bug theme, right?

Four-square grid:

This layout is about a trip to the city to visit grandma. The pumpkin photo is just for added interest. And I love that happy little fox! It goes well with the smiling cloud and the picture of our daughter. I did some off-stamping because I didn't want the title to take center stage. The veneer leaves are cut from a wreath that came in one of the SC Walden addons. The strip on the bottom is navy, and matches Nea's sweater. And yes, that mango cheese cake was delish!

Six-square grid:

These photos are from the same occasion as the top layout. We had a picnic in the meadow next to our house. It's used for grazing sheep in the summer, and full of large rocks and fallen trees, and so much fun for the kids play with. Initially I wanted to do a digi stamp title and had a nice one that said "wonder" - I think it was from a class taught by Shanna Noel. The stamp never made it onto the layout but the title was already in my head by then. I also took a tip from Nicole Samuels and traded one of the letters for an image. 

All materials are from the Walden kit and addons.



  1. Pretty layouts. I love your work. And your photography is stunning. Beautiful. I love to see examples of grids. Thank you. Michelle t

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love grid layouts!!