Wednesday, July 16, 2014


And so it's half way through the year, and I'm starting a new PL album. Last year fit into one album,but this year the first one is already full. I'm getting much better at taking pictures and keeping things to add to the pages. I ended the first half by adding a bunch of diplomas and things the kids recieved for the end of the school year and for different activities they've taken part in.

I will make an intro page that I will post as soon as it's finished. The first two pages for July are already done. I was very inspired by this week's PL sketch. Awesome,huh?! And I also went a little crazy on the digi in general. I looooove digi for PL!

I use PSE for adding templates, printables, brushes and journaling. I've had comments from some of you that wants to do digi but don't know how. Neither did I when I first began using PSE. I haven't taken a class or anything, I just started experimenting. I've found lots of help from tutorials you can find at Studio Calico's website. There is also a forum where you can ask questions. They have two digi classes available. One basic (which is FREE!) and one advanced.

There are also great tutorials to be found on youtube. Whenever there's something specific you want to learn, search for it there. That is how I learned how to do a drop shadow on a digi brush, for example.

I'm veeery far from being any kind of expert, I only enjoy doing it. Barbara Picinich is a huge inspiration to me, and I'd love to learn all the cool stuff that she does. Just check out her gallery at SC!

All the photo circles above are created by using the cookie cutter tool, and then adding to a new canvas. The "WHAT FUN! circle is part of a free printable for SC's new Brighton Pier collection. I then added both journaling and title stamps on their own layers. 

The sun stamp was perfect for drawing attention to the bandaid on my daughter's arm. She'd just been the the doctor to get a vaccine shot. For the photo below of my beautiful hairdo (I'll bet you want a little hairdresser at home too now?) I used digi stamps to kind of make it look like a magazine cover. 

I'll be going away for a few days now. See you when I get back!



  1. I love your scraping style!! Totally bookmarking you!

  2. Love everything you do! Your understanding of color & balance makes your layouts so visually appealing :)