Monday, June 23, 2014


Yesterday's blog post was about putting yourself in PL. Today's post is all about the weather. The stamp set from Guten Tag is all about the weather too, so I used a few stamps from that, including the digi brushes from the shop. I looooove digi in PL!

June in Sweden has been both hot days and one crazy hail storm. That's my daughter's hands showing the hail. The "aura" around the hail is a SC digi brush that I think was offered for free a while ago, but it would be easy just drawing lines on free hand too.

I also did some digi "off-stamping" on the photo of my feet. I drew the color from my dress and adjusted the opacity with each row of words. The blue-to-green striped card has some IRL off-stamping using the word RAINY.

Materials: all cards are from the Hello Hello PL kit except the 4x6 cloud card which is from Bluegrass Farm, stamps and digi also from this month's SC kits, Versafine stamping ink plus a leftover veneer piece from Sugar Rush.

Tomorrow I'll be PL'ing with neon colors. See you then!



  1. Wow! Love, love, LOVE this spread!! The colours go perfectly together and make the spread pop! :D

  2. Love how you incorporated the weather! Beautiful spread!

  3. stunning layout girl, I always LOVE your work :)