Monday, October 21, 2013

October project life

I'm so glad I jumped on this project! I absolutely love this easy way of documenting our everyday life. I found my style quickliy, as opposed to my scrapbooking style. The SC PL kits make it so easy to stay up-to-date. Here are my first three pages for October:

Something I've learned is to use lots of filler cards. At first I thought they were a waste of space, but then I realized they make the pages much more airy and pleasing to the eye. My PL has been especially inspired by two people. One is Catherine Davies who makes very beautiful but simple PL spreads. They're never over-worked. The other person is Kelly Noel, who has taught me how to do my journaling. There just aren't enough of the journaling cards in the SC PL kit for me. Kelly has a very creative way of adding journaling to the filler cards also. Love that!

And you know I had a to document the fact that The Walking Dead is back on!


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  1. Love your spreads!! And have to say, you're right, I also think filler cards make the spreads a lot more balanced than just photo+text ones :)