Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I know lifting has been discussed at the SC forum. Is it okay to post your lifts in the gallery? How close to the original should the layout be to be considered a lift? It seemed most thought it fair to post a lift as long as it comes with a credit to the original designer. I always try to give credit even if I'm far off the original, or I just used an idea rather than the whole design.

I also think it's hard to do a lift that keeps enough of the original but still has some of me in it. I usually either stray way off or make a complete case. It's hard to find that middle ground!

One of the LOAW's at the SC challenge board this month is to make a lift of a project that's been sitting in your faves for a while. I've made two lifts, that went the "case way" this time. This one is of Melissa Mann's "My little beggar".

And this one's from Laura Kurz's "Love my little boy".

And how much do I love my iPhone for taking such amazing pictures? All the awesome photo editing apps to go with it? I love so many of my layouts now since I got my iPhone. Both of these pictures are taken and edited in CP pro.


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  1. I agree with your ideas on lifting. As long as you don't credit the idea as your own and are upfront about the fact that the design is someone else's, I think it is fine. Great layouts!