Monday, September 19, 2011


FINALLY! My "Glee Club" kit from Studio Calico finally arrived this afternoon. Not with my mailman. He only brought a receipt for me to take to the post office, and pick the box up myself. And by myself I mean my man had to do it ;). I think I had like 10 checkouts this month, making the box far too big for the poor guy to bring on his bike.

I appologize for this being a picture heavy post, but I want to share my 2-y.o daughter's excitement as she helped me to unpack the goodies. I was by no means less excited, hehe.

My girl ran to grab her little toy camera (well, it is a REAL camera, but not of any use to us) and started taking pictures, just like me. I love how she has it turned the wrong way.

Ze bags inside! I love the sticker on the add-on PP bag.

The Main kit and the Debate Team add-on laid out. And one tiny hand that shot out, quick as a wheasel, to grab her fave part of the main :D

Nea showing off her fave part of the Main kit - the Amy Tangerine paper clips. If nothing else they match her hair. The girl has taste!(And those are her jammies...)

I also snagged some SMASH items, some Mister Huey's and the Amy Tangerine sticker book - LUV!

AND the crop bags. So happy I got these, they're perfect. They really up the chance of me digging back into one of the older kits. All 3 of them - haha! I used my dymo to label them. The one on the bottom that says "Magdas" are my DT kit from Magdas Scrapbooking.

My daughter also noticed the Basic Grey buttons in the add-on and was adamant I open the package. Anyone with a 2-y.o will know what I mean...

I gave her this little container to put them in and she sat for more than an HOUR sorting the buttons in different categories - see through/opaque, colors, sizes - you name it. For a long while she commented every button she picked up with either "titi" (little)in a tiny squeeky voice or "toooo" (biiiig) in the deepest voice she could muster. Hilarious!

I also gave her some of the promo cards from the old kits, and she laid out the buttons in a pattern on top.

If Studio Calico is still around in 20 years I think they have a loyal subber here already ;)

And here's my scrap snack ready for the evening. And why such a tiny bowl of potato chips, you ask. Well, those are the new Pringles Extreme Blazing Barbeque, and they are insaneously spicy. I can't eat more than a handful at a time.

Okay, well, I'll get off my laptop now and start digging into my new stash. Thanks for dropping by!



  1. How fun! I love that she gets excited too!

  2. Love this! Your daughter is too cute.

  3. Åh, vad härligt det ser ut! Det är verkligen en höjdpunkt när paketet landar. Längtar efter mitt glee club.
    Ska bli kul att se vad du hittar på!