Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I got

  • Folder SMASH Pockets
  • Red & Blue SMASH Stickers
  • Date SMASH Stamp
  • Mist - Piglet
  • Mist - Pony
  • Fabrips - Yellow
  • More Kraft
  • 12x12 Modern Album - Chestnut
  • 12x12 Page Protectors
  • SC Patterned Paper
  • Debate Team add-on
  • Amy Tan Good Times Stickers
  • Add-On Patterned Paper
  • Uni-Ball White Pen
Just a little something, right ;D So, tell me! What did YOU get? I'm most excited about the Amy Tan sticker book. This is it:

Also the SMASH date stamp, which I ordered from another site 2 months ago and still haven't gotten. :( I just got tired of waiting. Hopefully I can get a refund. It's seems a resonable demand after 2 months of waiting, don't you think?
I decided to get the Mr Huey's mist in Pony after seeing some of the layouts Jen Jockisch has made with it. Misting wood veneer decos with Pony makes them look amazing. Check here!
/ Magdalena

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