Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Scrapbooking Day - YAY!!!!!!!!

Taking part in Studio Calico's NSD Challenges. Here's their Photo Scavenger Hunt:
  • your favorite Studio Calico product
  • your scrapbook desk / work area
  • a product that you can't figure out how to use
  • your favorite scrappy snack / beverage
  • a promo card for a Studio Calico kit
  • your favorite page
  • a NSD self portrait
  • your computer showing the SC message board or blog
1. My FAVE SC product is...

2. My work area (really just a corner in our livingroom...)

3. A product I can't figure out how to use is...

FLOWERS! They just look tacky to me.

4. FAVE snack ALWAYS is...

5. My fave page, and I guess the interpretation of page is open, is...

The last page of GLAMOUR magazine. Their Dos and don´ts page always makes me laugh.

6. A NSD self portrait. Me in my new scrappy glasses!
7. My new laptop (FREE from work - best kind) showing the Sc blog:

And that's all she wrote, for now...

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