Thursday, July 26, 2018


Every summer we take a family roadtrip. Swimming in the ocean was on my bucket list this year, so I suggested the Swedish westcoast which won the family vote. 

I used the Expedition documenter kit from Studio Calico with bits and pieces from a few other kits. I've also used the Scenic Route, Tour Guide and Summer Vibes digtals from Paislee Press.

We're huge history nerds so we decided to take the route past Brahehus. It's a 17th century castle ruin with an amazing view over lake Vättern. It's about halfway to our destination so it was a perfect lunch stop too.

We arrived late in the evening because of a two hour roadblock caused by an accident, so we didn't have time to explore the surroundings until the next day. We stayed in a rented cabin at Getteröns Camping. There are four small bays within walking distance of the camping grounds. In the morning we took a walk down to the ocean before heading into the town of Varberg. 

We found an awesome sushi restaurant where we had lunch before walking to Varberg fortress right by the ocean. The oldest part of the keep was built in the 13th century and it's played an important part in Swedish and Danish history. There is also a museum inside that takes you from the first settlements on to present time. I was really looking forwards to seeing Bockstensmannen, which is a 14th century man found in a bog with all his hair and clothes intact. Yes, that is his real hair! In one of the rooms there were medieval games to play and outfits to try on. Super fun!

I kept the map and a few other things from the museum, and put them in a 9x12 pocket that goes in the album right next to the photos. I really like keeping everything in one place, and it's fun flipping through older albums and finding little treasures like these.

In the evening we had dinner at Pinchos which is my favorite restaurant. It's a Swedish chain that serves mini dishes that you order and pay for through an app. You pick up your own food and drinks at the counter and everything is delicious. It was fun trying out some of the seafood dishes that the Pinchos restaurant in Uppsala doesn't have. Yum!

After dinner we took a stroll through town. Yes, it was super bright still , but that is Swedish summer nights for you. Sweden had just won a game against Switzerland in the world cup and people were  dancing, singing and shouting in the streets. You can see some Swedish football fans behind the statue where the YAY plus arrow is pointing.

I folded up a map of the central parts of town and tucked it in the bottom 4x6 pocket, and stuck a chipboard circle to the paper clip to jazz it up a bit.

The third day of our trip was beach day. The water was cold but clear and beautiful. I wish we could have stayed longer than just four days. I could've lived by this beach for weeks! The 4x6 card with the fish is from an old card set by LifeLovePaper. I know the actual card set is sold out at SC but they may have a digital set.

In the afternoon me and Dante went back to the beach but Nea and daddy went on a fishing trip. It was the one thing Nea asked to do when she heard we were going to be living by the ocean. We found a company that took you out to sea on their fishing boat and also set you up with gear. Perfect!

They brought home mackerel, seith and cod. They're in our freezer now because I don't know how to cook them. Nea even caught a dogfish. They are a protected species though so it went back in the water after being photographed. 

Sadly, the next day we had to drive back home. It was a great trip and I hope to go back in the future.


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